Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A quick update

I'm on the road, sort of.
I spent two nights and a day in Atlanta with my pal Betty, where she showed me some of the town and we got to have lunch with John Kessler (who used to work in Denver at the Denver Post and Westword, but now works for the Atlanta Constitution). We somehow managed to squeeze in a roast suckling pig dinner, a prayer meeting, a visit to the DeKalb Market and a dinner at a groovy restaurant called Two. At least I think that was the name...
Then I grabbed a bus to Columbia, SC, where I was picked up by my dear friend Elinor, who I traveled with in India circa 1996. (She used to be the art director at Archeology magazine, and her house and gardens are fantastic!) We then drove down to Edisto Island, just north of Hilton Head, where she had rented a house along with her son Addison, his girlfriend Connie and her daughter Rossie (from Denver!). We've had a great time here, eating fresh seafood, fixing meals and then planning the next meal, riding bikes and touring the island. 
So the trip has begun, and I couldn't be happier! Up next: Asheville, NC.