Wednesday, May 28, 2008

'Ello Loves!

Welcome back to England! It's been a few years since I was last here... but it's good to know that some things never change.
I fly over on Aer Lingus, and they lost my bag! It's due to arrive today, nearly 48 hours after I arrived. If this is the biggest crisis, I think we'll do OK.
And, of course, as I asked for, it's nice and gloomy and gray and overcast... and due to stay that way for the time being.
I love it here, because Sally gets no less than seven newspapers delivered every day, which takes me hours to get through, and I love it. SO interesting to see how different papers approach the same subject.
The Times also puts out its "Rich List" for 2008, which has the 1000 richest people in the UK. Who knew that you could make so much money in coat hangers and toilet paper! Most, of course, have done well with real estate and hedge funds, but I like holding onto the idea that you can still make money with "the basics."
I'm staying with Sally now at her bucolic home in Hambleden, which is in Oxfordshire near Henley-on-Thames for those of you who know the area. I'll mostly be here, altho we're planning some trips into London to see shows, and I'll make some side trips to see friends. Mostly, we'll be working on The Party, set for July 5. (We began yesterday by starting an Excel spread sheet of rsvp's for the hordes of people invited. It should be a blast!)
More later, naturally.