Sunday, May 25, 2008

And I'm off

Sorry for the brevity of these posts, and I'll work at getting the photos to work right...
But I'm in NYC, and heading to the airport in a few minutes (literally) to grab my flight (on Aer LINGUS...) to London. I'll be there by tomorrow afternoon, Monday May 26, and I'll be staying there with my friend Sally for several weeks. There's a big party being planned for July 5, in honor of the two Smith girls: Sara and Ali. I'll be around to help out, and will take a few side trips here and there. (Details to follow.)
Quickly: in NY, I was able to catch up with Charlie Haigh (friend since 1972); Phyllis Pastore (almost as long); Michael Meyer and Lyndsey, who I met in Las Vegas but now they live in The City; Mary Frembgen, who works for Blue Man Group, and we went over to watch her friend Jon play in a "concert" that took place in a basement in Brooklyn (you think I can make this up??); and then a half day with Jim Prez, an old pal from Denver who now works at the Newark Museum. He got us into the new Rubin Gallery of Tibetan Art, in the former Barney's store at 17th and 7th. Highly recommended if you've never been.
I did see Mike Daisey do his one man show called "How Theatre Failed America," and didn't learn much more, altho he's very talented. And a new Off-Broadway musical based on the short story: "The Adding Machine." Interesting, but not a tune you could hum.
Again, forgive how fast this is, and I'll get better once I get on the road... but thanks for reading, and we'll talk once I get over the Pond.